Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Ethan

My sweet precious boy. Today you turn one. It is hard to believe that you had just come into the world this time last year. You have brought so much joy to your daddy and I. Your spirit and personality is wonderful, but it does keep us on our toes. Claire adores you and you two play so well together. Your face lights up and you get so excited when she comes into the room! You love to be outside, and run to the door as soon as it opens! It is hard to play for very long outside because you like to eat just about everything, including grass, rocks, and dirt, but we will continue to work on that. :) You are a always on the move, and I cant turn my back for a minute or you are getting into something! 
   You love to be held and stare at the aquarium. You are trying to say fish but haven't quite been able to. However, you are saying Mama, Dada, Bye bye and some occasional random words. Its obvious that you take everything in and are listening when we tell you things. When you want to go somewhere, you will come and raise your hands for me to pick you up, then you will point where you want to go. You have started to bring us books to read to you. We get through 1-2 pages before you get down and then come running back for more.
    You love to eat! I have fed you a large variety of foods, to make sure that you aren't as picky as your big sister when you get a little older. You love fruit, but will eat too much if we let you. You are drinking from a sippy cup now, and only drink soy milk, because regular milk cause some tummy issues.
     You are a great sleeper. You take two naps during the day and then go to bed around 7. You usually sleep through the night, but things have been difficult lately because you are getting so many teeth. You have two top teeth, and one bottom tooth.
     You have the most infectious laugh. When you are feeling well, you are usually running around laughing about everything. You loved to be chased and have now started to find new hiding places.
You weigh 19.8 pounds and are 31 inches tall. You haven't gained much weight but you did grow 3 3/4 inches since your 9 month check up!! You are using all your calories to get taller the doctor says. Maybe you will be the tallest in the family??

You are wearing a size 3 diaper and size 12 month clothing.

In my new chair!! Can you see my tooth??

Sweet Boy!