Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Ethan

My sweet precious boy. Today you turn one. It is hard to believe that you had just come into the world this time last year. You have brought so much joy to your daddy and I. Your spirit and personality is wonderful, but it does keep us on our toes. Claire adores you and you two play so well together. Your face lights up and you get so excited when she comes into the room! You love to be outside, and run to the door as soon as it opens! It is hard to play for very long outside because you like to eat just about everything, including grass, rocks, and dirt, but we will continue to work on that. :) You are a always on the move, and I cant turn my back for a minute or you are getting into something! 
   You love to be held and stare at the aquarium. You are trying to say fish but haven't quite been able to. However, you are saying Mama, Dada, Bye bye and some occasional random words. Its obvious that you take everything in and are listening when we tell you things. When you want to go somewhere, you will come and raise your hands for me to pick you up, then you will point where you want to go. You have started to bring us books to read to you. We get through 1-2 pages before you get down and then come running back for more.
    You love to eat! I have fed you a large variety of foods, to make sure that you aren't as picky as your big sister when you get a little older. You love fruit, but will eat too much if we let you. You are drinking from a sippy cup now, and only drink soy milk, because regular milk cause some tummy issues.
     You are a great sleeper. You take two naps during the day and then go to bed around 7. You usually sleep through the night, but things have been difficult lately because you are getting so many teeth. You have two top teeth, and one bottom tooth.
     You have the most infectious laugh. When you are feeling well, you are usually running around laughing about everything. You loved to be chased and have now started to find new hiding places.
You weigh 19.8 pounds and are 31 inches tall. You haven't gained much weight but you did grow 3 3/4 inches since your 9 month check up!! You are using all your calories to get taller the doctor says. Maybe you will be the tallest in the family??

You are wearing a size 3 diaper and size 12 month clothing.

In my new chair!! Can you see my tooth??

Sweet Boy!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

11 Months

I am a few days late but Ethan turned 11 months on the 16th. I have been looking back over pictures from when he was born and it seems like yesterday. Where has the time gone?

Ethan you are busier than ever. You are a full time walker and you love to open every cabinet you can reach. Anything you are not suppose to have is what you want. Your little temper is starting to show. When we take something away or tell you know you stomp your feet and scream. Its cute now but we will be nipping that soon. You are very playful. You will make a game of anything. One of your favorites is putting your pacifier in my mouth and taking it out and putting it in yours. You think this is hilarious. You love to be chased by daddy. As soon as he comes in the door you look at him and start running for him to chase. You have a big appetite! You will eat anything. Your favorite is spaghetti and meatballs. Your least favorite is green veggies. We are still working with you on those. You had your first surgery this month. You had tubes put in your ears. Everything went well and we are hoping you will not have any more ear infections.You love your sister and have began tackling her now. This is a change from her tackling you. You love music just like your sister. You just dance and swing your head around when you hear it. You are a handful but you are a sweet boy that I love dearly!! I couldn't imagine our little family without you!

Weight: 20.4 pounds
Size 3 diapers
Size 12 clothing

 Dancing to his giraffe music
In his little hospital gown

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 Months

How is it only 2 months until my sweet boy turns 1! Where has the time gone? I have already started the party planning and cant wait to share details later.
Ethan is growing everyday and learning lots of new things. We are officially walking. Before he crawled more than walked but now we are walking more than crawling. Its crazy how he was taking steps at 9 months and Claire wasn't walking until 15 months!! I think he had to start early to keep up with his big Sister.
He is eating all table foods now. He is a messy eater but I suspect that's what happens with a boy ;)
He still has no teeth so it makes thing difficult to find things he can gum.
He is sleeping through the night and I am loving that!

Weight: 20.4
Diaper: Size 3
Clothing: 12 months

So playful and always smiling!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gigi,PawPaw and Aunt Amber Visit

My dad had a few days off of work so my parents and sister Amber decided to come for a visit. Amber has never seen our new home so it was a great chance to show her Henderson.
It was way too hot the entire weekend so we didnt do much outside, but we had a great time hanging out indoors.

Out for dinner

Gigi and Pawpaw

Ethan giving kisses to Aunt Amber

Gigi and PawPaw with there sweet babies

Aunt Amber

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

9 months

Ethan turned 9 months on the 16th and I wanted to wait until we went to his check-up to post!

Weight 19.2
Height  28.25

He hasn't gained any weight over the past few months, but it's because he is so active. The doctor is not worried and says he is a perfect healthy baby boy!

Ethan is VERY active. When he isn't being held, he goes non-stop. His new favorite place to run to is Claire's room. His new game is crawling under the side table and waiting for you to follow him. Then, as soon as you look at him, he takes off into Claires room. He also likes to eat ANYTHING he finds. This is definitely a challenge because he is so much different than Claire. It does help me to make sure that everything is off the floor and put away. He loves to give big open mouth kisses. They leave your face very wet but it is so sweet. He has a smile and laugh that are infectious, and has begun to take steps. He can take four or five before he falls forward onto his hands. He loves to be outside. Anytime we go out he is waiting at the door to go. Also, he is finally sleeping through the night!!! He takes 2 naps during the day and is ready for bed around 7.
 Every time I look at him I feel so blessed to be his mommy! Oh and he says some words now too, "Mama, Dada, and bye bye".

We brought Claire's tent out and they have had a blast playing in it. Ethan thinks it is so much fun to crawl in and out

A typical face of Ethan.

This is pretty much how our days are. Claire "loving" on Ethan.

Sweet boy standing up

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Paris Trip

We spent last week at John's parents. We had a great time visiting and playing. John, Ole Dad and his brother Jason left Wednesday to go on a father son fishing trip in Mississippi. We stayed back and played with Gee.
Giving Ole Dad kisses

Aunt Beth came to play

I use to babysit these boys when I was in college. James was 2.5 years old when I started keeping them. He is holding Ethan.
I cant believe how big and handsome they are.
Griffin is holding Claire and Walker is the oldest.

Sweet Babies
Aunt Nan came to visit! Claire wanted to play dress up.

Out for lunch for Aunt Nan's birthday

Just hanging out


Gee and Ethan

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mother's Day and Baby Dedication

I am a little behind on blogging. Sorry about that!

Mother's Day weekend John's family came up to hang out and to attend Ethan's baby dedication at church.

John and I are blessed to have such wonderful mother's!!

Glenn, Pam and there boy's!
At the dedication

Silly face

Happy Boy

Attempt at a picture of them together

Claire and Adelyn

Gee with her sons and grandkids

Best family picture we could get